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@angie wrote:

Marcus you’ve slightly misunderstood my post when I mentioned ‘we only post on this forum, unlike you’ the ‘multiple identities’ part was a reference to you on other forums not this one, so forgive me if that confused you. ❗

I’ve sometimes considered Foe-ing you as several others have already, but some of your links are ok, others are rather miniscule in the big scheme of things, but you know your rhetoric acts as an irresistible magnet sometimes and it occasionally needs to be balanced with the major stories in the Press which could impact on people thinking of moving to Spain, hence the forum I suppose, SPI 😉

Only time will tell if exports continue to rise and if Zero Hedge is wrong, there’s other similar articles written by all sorts of economists, forecasters who say similar, but then there’s a lot of Spanish propaganda saying otherwise, they might have a reason to say all is good, whereas I’m not sure what the gain is for the down grade forecasters is. I do admire your greater knowledge though, not sure I totally agree with you but happy to hear your evidence for your case 😉

Don’t get too het-up when we post our views, the world is full of opposite views, it’s not good for stress, debate is the way forward 😉

I’m impressed with your change of tactics – got me on the back foot 🙂
For what it’s worth my opinion is that property buying as a speculative measure, doesn’t have much of a future either in Spain, or in other western countries like France or the UK. It’s the one area left where governments can rake in extra taxes at will, and they will need to do so.
Germany and Poland, much as I hate to agree with PeterHun, are probably better bets for rises in house prices.
I do however think there will be bargains around in Spain for some time to come, but prospective buyers should factor in all the costs, and buy it as a place to live, not as a money-making measure which is unlikely to happen.