Re: Re: Why Spain is becoming an export powerhouse


Despite the usual disagreements between those who actually like Spain as a country and those who patently don’t, it seems everybody agrees that Spanish exports are powering ahead. It will bring about welcome changes to the Spanish economy as a whole, but those changes won’t be apparent tomorrow or next week, it will take time.

To return to the ‘usual disagreements’, I admit it does stimulate debate, but when you think about it in purely human terms you have to wonder why normally sensible people turn into raving monsters when discussing an abstract entity, a ‘country’.

My speculation stops here, I’m not an expert on psycho-analysis, nor economics, nor anything, maybe apart from the price of coffee where I live?

I drink a lot of it when I’m out, which is most days of the week. Even when I know the various establishments get their supplies from the same source, it still tastes different wherever I go, even if they use the same coffee machines.

I’ve come to the conclusion that ambience dictates taste. Even Lidl coffee tastes good when drinking it on the rocks overlooking the sea, served by a Colombiana with a smile.