Re: Re: Why Spain is becoming an export powerhouse


@katy wrote:

A lot of fruit and veg in UK supermarkets is now from Morocco and it’s good.

According to this from Edward Hughes the news is a flea on an Elephants ear!

Another example is the urgent need to restore additional export competitiveness to the economy. Despite all the claims that the recent labor market reforms need time to work it is already evident that what has been done is far too little far too late. Exports have improved considerably, and the current account balance is moving into surplus. Yet despite this sterling performance the economy still contracted by 0.7% in the last three months of last year, and this during a period when the government was running at least a 7% annual fiscal deficit.

Yes there’s a difference between having booming exports and having a booming economy – which Spain obviously isn’t. My interest was more technical rather than trying to talk Spain up or down – I want to know the reasons behind Spain’s increasing exports.