Re: Re: Why relocate to Spain?


@GarySFBCN wrote:

In my case, it is simple: I’m a US Citizen, gay and married to a Spanish man. We tried to have him legally immigrate to the US but it is nearly impossible. Due to Spain’s progressive laws regarding same-sex marriage, we can legally live together in Spain. We are legally married in California and in Spain.

Ideally, I would have waited until age 62 to retire to have sufficient funds to live a very comfortable life, but life is too short to wait. I had planned on retiring in San Francisco and opening a social media consulting business that provides services while mentoring smart kids who may be somewhat ‘in trouble but salvageable’ and who lack job skills. But the US will lose this potential tax revenue and employment opportunitiy for difficult kids because of their homophobic laws.

So I am making the move – ever so slowly. I do believe that I can still make it work financially, without working. But I am fairly marketable so I should be able to find short-term consulting gigs in Spain or the US to carry me over until US Social Security kicks-in. I can always let go of the flat in San Francisco, if I need to.

Funny that you mention Turkey, I love the southern coast and could easiliy live there.

The current economic conditions concern me in, but what is of more concern to me is the easily-exploited nationalism I see throughout Europe. While we in the US have had our share of despicable leaders, causing many problems in the world, we have not approaced ‘dictatorship’ that has been seen in several countries in Europe during the last century. My theory is that there are too many ‘nutcases’ with guns in the US for that to happen. And we don’t have ‘nationalism’. We do have patriotism, but it isn’t as deep as nationalism. I fear that crazy leaders will use the economy to empower themselves or worse.

Regarding the current conditions: Yes Spain isn’t the bargain it once was. But there is so much that I do enjoy – the pace of life, the food, the friends I have made here, and of course, the beauty of some of the cities.

Barcelona has seen many changes over the centuries and still thrives. I’m guessing that while this global economic meltdown is devastating for many of us, it is a meer ‘blip’ for this grand city.

I heard on the news that Spain was about to tear up “gay marriages” not sure if there was any truth to that though. Apparently one of Rayojos or whatever the puppets name is promised it before the election.