Re: Re: Why is Spain so corrupt?


The same applies in Spain to the best of my knowledge. I knew people who would have got more money for being sacked than they would have earned by remaining in the Job.

Not, allowing for current climate it has never been easy to get a half decent job in Spain. Most people would just turn up for work. They dont want to be there, their employer does not want them there. This made the work atmosphere very unpleasent & affected other workers. Needless to say that the Employer could not get the best out of his staff.

With the present system they have in Med Europe and I must say France takes the cake. I can only see large organisation will be the ones who can create jobs as they have fat & market good will for their products or reputation. These are large organisations gets all the benefits from the Central or regional Government. What the host nation does not realise or care about is that these organisations are highly mobile & will move to the next Country where the cost’s are low & less regulations.

The Politician’s or Mayor’s do not care as the few years in the office allows them to line up their pockets & this creates short termism & incubate corruption.