Re: Re: Why is Spain so corrupt?



@katy wrote:

Dartboy you may think it’s crap but I assure you there are many people who feel the same as I do. One swallow does not make a summer. Where is she anyway? filing down in the basement đŸ˜‰

its also narrow minded people like you who are scared of people who look different that prevent people like these taking decent jobs.
my favourite teacher at school was a hippy but i guess that was ok then because it was the 70’s.
She happens to work in the main office actually as the main contact for all clients requesting files from the storage area.She would probably scare you to death with her strong young views,if she was in charge there wouldn’t be a person on the dole for longer than 6 months that still had sky tv thats for sure,she would give them enough to eat and have a roof over thier heads.