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Please explain to us then Katy how else the young, who are the future and who feel disfranchised and are suffering 43% unemployment can express their frustration at not having a political voice in the society to which they belong?
The mainstream political parties, PSOE and the PP will not change anything because the status quo suits them too well.
It’s likely that the PP, who have their roots in the old Flange party will win the next election but not on any ticket for social and economic change.
In fact depressingly I don’t believe anything will change in Spanish society until it’s forced through by internal pressure of and by the majority of the people through peaceful civil unrest.
The ‘indignados’ are at least a beginning.

That could apply to the UK too. I voted Tory but didn’t get what it said on the tin.

I understand their frustration re. unemployment but these demos are just an excuse for an extended botellón and are not representative of spanish youth. Even if there were lots of jobs the ones with 5 earrings and a ring through their nose won’t be emplyed!

absolute crap katy my daughter has 3 piecings in her face 1 in her nose and (snake bites) two below the bottom lip.I hate them but she is employed by a company that looks after all the police files and records sent to storage so not only employed but in a respected company with government contracts.