Re: Re: Why is it easier to buy a house than a car in Spain?


Well I take back all the good things I said about the Ford dealers i bought the car from. A couple of weeks ago on the way to the station to get a train for a day out in Valencia (3 tickets already bought and paid for) the bloody thing slowed to a crawl, something to do with the accelerator. Managed to get it to the garage after the police stopped me and made me walk the last few hundred meters, missed the train, they fixed it that day but the fault wasn’t covered under the warranty, surprise surprise.
Then I receive an undated letter (postmark 4 June) from them asking me to supply the Padron Certificate so they can register the car in my name……..after all the to-ing and fro-ing I did and they accepted the letter I obtained from the Town Hall and my money saying ‘perfecto’ on 6 May they do this. My lawyer has contacted them today and told me the conversation wasn’t very pleasant and everyone is seeking further advice. Also the official document they gave me to confirm change of ownership is being processed in case stopped by the police expires at the beginning of July.
For information the dealership giving me all this hassle is Ford Autovima in Benicarlo.