Re: Re: Why Don’t Spain’s Gov’t Clean Their Act Up With Property


I have to say Chris that the greed and corruption wasn’t all down to the Banks too as katy points out. The developers and so called promoters were working hand in glove with many agents at the time, a feeding frenzy ensued and naive purchasers were hooked well and truly with the promise of quick returns and flipping!

For sure a lot of it was also down to the likes of Ol MacD and his cronies at Ocean (now defunct) and many copycats I could name, along with their in-house lawyers, surely you would agree with that Chris, BTW I’m not including Viva in that and I do realise that they/you’ve withstood the flak and passage of time to still be there and seem to be far more transparent in your dealings. I like to think that Fuengi is another good guy too, but there are still not enough of the good guys.

It really p—-s me off when I read that Ol MacD and his defunct firm still owe 9 million in unpaid taxes and Spain does nothing despite he and his wife and cronies still living in Spain or have property there 😡