Re: Re: Why did Ireland bother? Don’t they have Trojan horses?



@adiep wrote:

The beeb and Indi are mercilessly pro-Euro.

The poor old beeb are always being blamed for being anti this or pro that. Such is the fate of neutrals, they are always getting accused by both sides of being the other side’s friends.

I personally thought the beeb article was quite illuminating. It pointed out why a weak economy would have serious problems leaving the Euro whilst a strong economy e.g. Germany could leave and not have those problems.

IMO if Germany and all the other strong countries said they were leaving the Euro and setting up a Euro MK2 currency the old Euro would sink in value and make their exports and debt much cheaper, and therefore making life much easier, for those remaining. Meanwhile the Euro MK2 would significantly increase in value compared to the existing Euro making their exports less competitive thus addressing the current imbalances.

Of course I don’t think for one second that would happen, it would not be politically acceptable to anyone.

Edited 10:15 to include IMO in the text for clarity.