Re: Re: Why did Ireland bother? Don’t they have Trojan horses?


I have not heard one credible reason given for their reluctance to jump ship other than the one that I have given above

Simple. Non of the countries want to leave the EU or Eurozone, they are giving the excuse about ‘treaties’.

Any country that did want to leave could go ahead and do it, nothing could stop them. AFAIK there is no real basis that they could convert to the Euro in the first place; all the requirements were simply niceties with zero basis in any sort of law. One minute they had worthless Pesetas and Lire next they had Euro/DM’s at a fixed exchange rate. They would only need to print some money (or continue to use the country specific Euro notes/coins) and change the symbol of the currency (maybe even not do that). Re-instate a central bank of course and set a interest rate.

One country (Montenegro I think) even converted unilaterally without any agreement with the EU.