Re: Re: Why did Ireland bother? Don’t they have Trojan horses?



Some interesting views.
We now have the spectre of Ireland’s government showing public reluctance to accept bailout when last week they protested it was not necessary and no talks with IMF and EU were taking place. Total farce, total surrender.
Zapatero has often said the same thing. Portugal maintains a similar stance.
This soap opera of financial disasters within EZ will continue until either they return to growth or Germany politicians and German public opinion screams enough.
The Euro would collapse within weeks after that scenario.
It is entirely possible that moderate German politicians will seek electoral advantage in halting financial aid. Who would blame them? The figures are eye watering. Returning to the DM would be a very popular idea for the German population who are already fed up with bailing out the rest of Europe.
However nothing succeeds like self interest and it actually is in the long term economic interests of Germany that the Euro survives. However convincing the people of that is another matter.
I believe the Euro will survive but not in the current form. If Spain fails and passes round the begging bowl the shock waves in Europe will probably cause serious and meaningful change, if not total collapse.