Re: Re: Who buys in Spain now?


@flosmichael wrote:

I guess British people do not buy as the Sterling is as valuable as toilet paper. Irish are in debt over their heads. Russian oligarch are becoming
bankrupt and Germans are afraid.

Looking after 2 month to Kyero I see that there is mostly no change in price.
Is it because nobody cares anymore or people are,amazingly enough, still in the denial phase?

I think there is still a market for Spanish property from the UK.

The exchange rate is not the main problem for buyers as, if the vendor is returning to the UK, an acceptable lower price for the property can be negotiated so neither vendor or buyer loses out.

The major problem is, getting the buyers property sold in the UK to release funds.

I am certain there is a market for Spanish properties building up in the UK.

Time will tell when the UK property market begins to move again.