Re: Re: Which party will drive more Brits to Spain?



@katy wrote:

Well there is the cost of about 300 euro per annum for school books :mrgreen: 50 euro per month if kids need a brace.

I do agree Mark that the happiest ex-pats are those that live in a bubble and don’t speak Spanish. It just seems silly to me when people state they are moving to Spain because of immigration etc. when spaniards complain about the same thing. Reading Sur de Málaga every day is very similar to the Daily Mail, Pedeophiles, crime, negligent treatment at hospitals etc.

i would gladly pay £50 a month for a brace,We had to pay £110 a month for my daughters as i was deemed her teeth were not bad enough to get it payed for even though they had to remove a tooth before pulling the rest in.