Re: Re: Which party will drive more Brits to Spain?



@drrobert wrote:

All down to the pound/euro fiasco of an exchange rate. As the Labour Government showed no inclination whatsoever to help it back to what it should be (and may have even orchestrated the crash as an unofficial bit of devaluation to make British goods seem cheaper abroad. Haven’t they heard of India or China?) it probably won’t be going anywhere if they get back back in again. C’mon everybody! Isn’t 13 years of this bunch enough?

So, the main hope would be the Tories. Not a case of ‘driving’, More, making it financially more feasible to go!

I cant see it being that clear, if the Conservatives win then maybe there will be slightly bigger increase in sterling than if Labour is returned but the biggest thing the markets need is a clear winner.

I think we all know that huge cuts in public expenditure are on the cards no matter what party wins, the budget last month was a total waste of time, whoever gets in will have another budget in early June but all this will go on hold if there no ruling party and that’s the biggest problem for sterling.

So in answer to Marks original question I don’t think it matters what party wins, if there’s a clear winner then it will encourage people to leave because they can with the increase in sterling