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@Just Frank wrote:

There appears to be considerable interest in Morocco at the moment with the type of investment in marketing similar to when Spain was on the way up.
Seems very impressive and have nosey as this looks like something that some my wish to take an interest in as its very near the Ocean. 😉
Company called Offshore Properties(lovely Website) and a well known developer called Unico with a development in Tafedna.
Must have cost lots of MONEY to set this up and where can investment of this nature be funded in this credit crunch.
Of course as always advice on any investment should be sought.
These do have investment advisors and rental returns etc but best get independent advice. 😉

Just Frank 8)

Frank, the world is a big place now and as an investor your best off in an emerging property market IMO, however Morroco isnt an emerging property market anymore so you have to look. Natal in Brazil has doubled in two years but there is still opportunities with such a strong economy and the caribbean still represents excellent opportunities for investors. An investor has wide choices and funding is quite possilbe for these projects, just look at egypt for example where you can buy for 25k. For what its worth I wouldnt invest in Morroco due to the implications of the repatriation tax.

I dont think a typical investor should invest in Spanish property at the present time unless he intends to use his asset but I strongly believe people who want to come and live in Spain shouldnt be put off and can find themselves a bargain, as long as they understand that should they want to sell it might not be too easy