Re: Re: Where is the next Investment



@Senor Nick wrote:

Frank, the world is a big place now and as an investor your best off in an emerging property market IMO, however Morroco isnt an emerging property market anymore so you have to look. Natal in Brazil has doubled in two years but there is still opportunities with such a strong economy and the caribbean still represents excellent opportunities for investors. An investor has wide choices and funding is quite possilbe for these projects, just look at egypt for example where you can buy for 25k. For what its worth I wouldnt invest in Morroco due to the implications of the repatriation tax.

The Brazilian Real has lost 50% versus US dollar in the last 2 month and is going down. Natal property has doubled on paper in the last years due to Brits dreaming of selling to Brits, there is no market for resale property.

Same is true about Cape Verde where thousands “investors” find now that cannot sell their “investment properties”.

People will learn the hard way that novice “investors” are always losing money when the market is not crazy as it was between 1997-2004.