Re: Re: Where do you want to buy?


I agree with you dartboy.

Myself, I would like to move to Gran Canaria. I have gone there many times and made friends with expats and locals there. Yes, the south is very touristy and does not exactly attract the type of tourists that charm me (although the type seems to differ per country. I know the Dutch -in general- are not exactly the type you want on your birthday party). But it would allow me to start living there and get away with English while I learn the language. The weather is usually good all year around. And the tourist industry can allow me to find some sort work to provide an income.
I can do this now as the American company I worked for offshored my job and paid me a handsome sum to leave. I am now in my early fifties and had been thinking about a change of lifestyle for years. Now I do have the opportunity, thanks to the company pay out. And if I don’t make the change now, it will probably never happen. Finding a new job in NL would be difficult anyway at my age. So I am going. Against all advice or horror stories on internet. We all know what situation Spain is in, and the situation is probably even worse on GC. Still there are opportunities I think. I’ll set up my own company (never done that before), find a niche market and start. I speak Dutch, English and German and hopefully Spanish soon as well.
I can afford to buy a small apartment (a villa with seaview and a pool would be nice, but don’t have the funds for that!) with the gains from selling my place in NL and the severance package money to help me out for a while to cover living costs, but will indeed rent first and then start looking around. Probably outside the tourist area. I wouldn’t get a mortgage anyway since I won’t have a job from day one. I was told a lot of apartments in the south of Gran Canaria mostly never make it to the internet, but are found mostly by word to mouth and via friends or network circle.
It can become a success or a total disaster, but then I at least tried to give my life a different twist.
Spanish friends of mine who live there can help with the right lawyer, gestor, help with formalities etc. so I am comfortable with that.

Now, selling my place in NL is the only thing holding up the move……

Good luck with your efforts!