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Marcos you know exactly when I left Spain as I had to correct you on another forum. 8) How long have you been there…3 months approx. i was there almost 15 years…when it used to be a nicer place :mrgreen:

I’ve been in Spain before as you well know, and have known the place since the 80s.
Don’t try and mislead everyone with your location: Costa del sol, when you’ve been back in the UK for what 7 (or is it 6 ) years? Please tell us if that is incorrect 😆
It really shouldn’t make a difference to your knowledge as regards Marbella and the CDS especially if you really do have family connections there.

Can’t be arsed to mess around changing location. Anyone who reads my posts knows when I left. I have always been transparent on here. Cease trying to muddy the discussion by implying things aren’t true. You are a nasty piece of work 😈