Re: Re: Where are all the 70pc discounts and bargains from banks


Bless you GJ for those kind words but I thought we were discussing Bahia de la Plata in this instance 😉

BTW All the units have not been sold (Fact), another Bank holds unsold stock which have not been released yet nor have prices been announced. The builder is Grupo Prasa and the community fees still to be agreed are 120-250 euros per month (big difference there, maybe dependent on sq footage)

Prime Invest were tasked with marketing 136 of the total of 258 units.

As for my own agenda, well I’ve no vested interest other than to point out any pitfalls if I should spot them as possibly in this case. Were you not surprised by the revelation of Banco Sabadells’ aggressive marketing and fining of Managers who are unable to sell the required overall units within 2 months? I’m sure you will agree that you wouldn’t wish the bad luck that happened to you to befall any newbie unsuspecting client, and you appeared to welcome initiatives I thought for more transparency. Didn’t you once say you worked for V— and miss that boom time?

Banco Sabadell have 30,000 defaulting clients, please do the maths, even at only 100k a time, they’re in the poo poo 😉