Re: Re: Where are all the 70pc discounts and bargains from banks


@angie wrote:

Katy, I’m really surprised at how many agents etc are advertising Bahia de la Plata when I did a search on Google, is it all ‘smoke and mirrors’ again? If they really sold 60 in a week as they said, surely they’d all have been sold by now, I’m very sceptical unless someone can prove otherwise 🙄 😉 😕 😆

Angie – the posters here who made enquiries, have stated they were told all were sold and to go away. I hardly think, even in good years, that agents would turn away prospective buyers in the hope they’d create desperate buyers on a forum they probably have never read…
as for google, it can be a bad place to find up-to-date information. Much of the stuff the bots find is stored away on Google data banks and regurgitated in the millions of rows you retrieve when you do a search. However if you go into advanced settings you can ask google to only bring back records from the last day, or week (and even that isn’t fail safe as aggregation sites can update daily with old data). Also for the agents concerned I imagine that putting up new marketing data in the hope of getting sales is regarded as priority work, but not so the old stuff . If by chance (as in this case) the properties all get sold, what’s the incentive in cleaning up the old pages? They may still be able to “convert” an interested buyer in properties elsewhere.