Re: Re: Where are all the 70pc discounts and bargains from banks


@UBEDA wrote:

Itsme, Cajamar are selling like crazy in Almeria!!!! – no legal problems either; the French are queuing up for their bargain basement properties – excellent retirement properties at 50% off

Logan, it’s gut feel which if you were an emprendedor you’d understand !!! it’s happening everywhere – green shoots and Spain will be the happening place again soon !!!!!

There may be a few local stirrings (and linked evidence of higher sales in Almeria would be helpful) but I don’t think there will be a national turnaround until we see steady falls in unemployment and confidence return nationally. As remarked previously, it could take some time before that happens.
As it happens the July figures are out. Sales for the month are actually down 2.5% compared with the previous year (although they are up on the disastrous June figures).

La compraventa de viviendas se redujo un 2,5% en julio respecto a igual mes de 2011, hasta un total de 27.388 operaciones, de las que el 51,5% se realizaron sobre viviendas de segunda mano y el 48,5% sobre inmuebles nuevos, según informó este martes el Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE).