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I had two clients that bought against my recomendation at Condado de Alhama three years ago. Around 90k I think they paid for the two bedroom apartments. But from what I remember they where downstairs with a patio with no solarium or whatever you call it.

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Re : your question on Polaris whats the catch.. none really ( Thread.. is now the time to buy or sell ?). We looked into buying at Polaris World Resort at Condado. stayed on holiday twice in Rented apartments… thats how you get all the “real story” about living on this type of Resort. Property now available with mortgages at just 40,000 euros when plans were launched same ones were over 100,000 ! .

“The upside” is that they are well built to a specification that you could expect for 100k. Many have never been lived in so you are buying from BANK STOCK and so “take it as seen” and you might not get the best area at this stage i.e near pool, near shops etc etc. If your looking for a bolthole quiet place in the sun thats easy to lock up and go away knowing it will be looked after , dont need lots of nightlife but prefer to join into community events. If you are a golfer a big plus, Condado is getting better every year the more properties are sold the more the facilites are improving. Many have a roof terraces but if you look at “Polaris world” web site it has been showing “Last few” for 2 years.Now “Last few ” is just about right and i cantreally see prices going any lower. ¬£32k in Sterling has to be a good bargain. for 2 bedroomed with sun terrace

“The downside” probably not much happening in the winter if you want to use all year Lots of rentals available with very little uptake for now. If you like quiet , sunbathing, place for family and friends to share, good community spirit and security in nice gardens with miles of roads to walk or cycle without leaving the complex , this place will suit your needs, Google Polaris World Resorts Condado de Alhama

How do you think your 2 clients and ALL the other owners feel Ardun?
And how will they ever move on without taking massive losses

Don’t know how they feel but I hope they have enjoyed it. They bought mostly in speculation.

I agree though they are fairly well built at least looking at the price 40k euros. What scares me most in these urbanisations is what will happen with the fees.

I hardly even saw people there in the summer so I hope it has changed.