Re: Re: Where are all the 70pc discounts and bargains from banks


@itsme wrote:

I think that BBVA were a bank who gave out rather too many cash handouts with their mortgages during the boom, now it’s coming back to bite them…..?

ooh, if you check out just ‘pisos en Almeria’ there are loads for 10k and 15k near the beach. Blimey. A mortgage for 38 euros per month, it makes me weep!

My sister in law goes to Uni in Almeria and pays about 250 euros per month rental to share a 3 bedroom flat. I wonder what are the ‘good/bad’ areas for student rentals??

My Spanish husband has just had a go at me for what he says is ‘slating his town’… so, please nice people, buy to encourage growth in his town. Or more likely please nice people buy in our block so we can one day sell our flat 😀

It’s not ‘slagging’ off the area, it’s highlighting the price drops. It shows how the boom prices were ‘la la’ and prices should drop way lower for lucky buyers and the sobs of sellers (not the banks) will be heard for years and years to come.

Hi Itsme,

most of the cheapest BBVA properties are already reserved.

There are some cheap prices in Roquetas and El Ejido. Unfortunately, I really can’t stand the plastic sea around that area so it is a no go for me. Otherwise, prices are very attractive.