Re: Re: Where are all the 70pc discounts and bargains from banks


Hi, I know the blocks. They are in a good area. I taught the little girl one is named after actually.

Plus side: newly built so modern style

near to nice bars/restaurants
near to the newly built Mercadona supermarket and the town itself
near to the schools/college
easy access to the motorway and to the nearby beaches at Vera/Palomares and Desert Springs Golf

Down side: if it’s a repo maybe the kitchen/bathroom/doors/sockets were ripped out?

might not have great neighbours if the same lot are still there……the community were putting up security cameras and unfortunately someone I know was mugged by people from that block recently. If lots bought at the end of the boom there are probably a lot more repos to come out of these blocks? The whole roadside part seems to have a ‘se vende’.

Personally I would say that it’s not the worst you could buy in the town, but personally I wouldn’t. The mortgage monthly amount looks inviting though, 79 euros.