Re: Re: When should I buy in Spain ?


One thing that may affect certain resort areas is that international tourism to Spain has held up very well in this recession. In fact spending by foreign tourists jumped by 8.9% in July! (link is in Spanish)

Be aware also that the Russians are increasing in numbers, particularly in Catalunya.
Some Brits got caught out a few years back – they bought a place in a location that they assumed was either going to be Brit expat (with associated shops and bars) or Spanish families, and instead the Germans moved in. Another reason I suppose for taking your time and looking into your area. (I don’t argue it’s bad to live next to Germans or Russians, just that facilities may not be geared towards Brit needs)

The Russians are coming and this time it’s good news. Just when it looked as though the tourist industry was about to join Spain’s growing list of calamities, an influx of Russian tourists has saved the season. They are even buying houses and reviving moribund bullfighting.