Re: Re: What’s wrong with England?



@Rocker wrote:

What on earth is it with England? Over the festive season I’ve had several requests from extremely close family back home who now desperately want to come to Spain and are asking for my advice.

One asked me for advice about Calahonda on the Costa del Sol, having just bought a property there. I would have told him not to, but it’s too late. They don’t listen do they?

My family are not silly people and have all made a reasonable success of their lives, but now it seems they all want to come and live in Spain. Because they’ve had enough of England.

If they are a representative sample of people from the UK, it seems an exodus from there is on the way. And that’s despite all the doom and gloom and verifiable bad news about Spain.

What’s happening?

I’m guessing that the family members you mention, are all of a certain age, and want to retire in a sunny place and spend the money they’ve made (you metioned they’ve made a success of their lives)? Given that 2012 has officially been the 2nd wettest on record in the UK, maybe just maybe they’re attracted by Spain’s sun? The fact that they can sell a property in the UK and afford four in Spain with the proceeds, may help as well!
I don’t think you can say there is something “wrong” with England just because it has a notoriously cloudy climate? It’s nearly always been this way – in fact on the few occasions we get a hot summer we struggle to cope. Mild weather isn’t that hard to cope with – it’s extreme weather that provides most of the problems.