Re: Re: What’s wrong with England?


Maybe Rockers observations are of more Brits who are out there on holiday who then are saying that they’ve love that holiday feeling all the time so why don’t they move there…. the estate agents windows are always near to cafes/restaurants….what a lovely holiday, let’s look in the estate agents window and dream of our life in the sun, ooh look, a flat for 80k look how cheap that is compared to the UK….. the same old story.

People should buy in Spain as it can be lovely, and it is great to have year round BBQ weather. BUT, rent first, get to know the place, suss out who to trust and who not to and then grab a great bargin. If it all goes bad you haven’t paid out as much as thousands did in the boom times so actually, it doesn’t matter that much? Buy then if you wish?