Re: Re: What Will Spain’s Future Property Market Look Like?



According to this site, interest is increasing again from Germans!

“Germans have a long history of buying Spanish property. At one stage there was a dip but now this trend is reversing as Germans begin to invest in the nation once again especially on Mallorca. We’ve actually seen a 28.6% increase in sales from German buyers between January and July this year over the same period in 2011!”

And there is firm evidence that the numbers of Russians visiting Spain are increasing (mainly Catalunya):

Their preferred destinations are the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada in Catalonia. About 70% of Russian tourists who go to Spain visit the north-east region, with Barcelona the must-see destination. About 750,000 are expected to visit Catalonia this year, 40% more than 2011, spending around €1.5bn (£1.2bn). These are not the oligarchs who were buying up mansions along the costa 10 years ago, but the new Russian middle class getting their first taste of foreign travel.

I must admit I’m surprised myself as to why the Russians prefer Catalunya – maybe it’s the proximity of Barcelona?