Re: Re: What is wrong with this hillside?

Fuengi (Andrew)

@mark wrote:

Aesthetically, and from an urban planning point of view, what do you think of this hillside?

In my opinion there is something wrong with it, but I can’t put my finger on what. Is it the lack of harmony in building designs, or are the plots too small or perhaps it’s the landscaping? Whatever it is, it just doesn’t look quite right. Or is it just me?

Easy, the problem is that the town looks quite old/traditional in style, yet the buildings outside of town are far more modern. Most seem to be within the style of the older buildings, yet there appears to be a wood house and 2 or 3 very modern buildings. These building conflict with the existing harmony. They should also maintain the colour scheme of this (northern?) town.
Also with so many trees on the hill, it would be more charming if more of them were nestled between the greenery.

@mark wrote:

I’m also interested to know whether users of this forum are interested in issues like urban planning, design, landscaping, and the built environment we live our lives in. Or is it only

I am. Personally I am a big fan of introducing as much biodiversity as possible into the built up areas.
Town planning is also of interest, I do appreciate the organic feel of many Spanish towns and have grown either incrementally or in spurts.