Re: Re: What is wrong with this hillside?



Hi Mark,

The photo of the Spanish hillside has many problems, most of which have already picked up on this thread. However, i don´t agree with some posters views that the density of development on the hillside is too high. In my opinion, there are many excellent examples of high desity development on hillsides that do not detract materially from the landscape.

The problems, assumming planning permission was granted for the units, are as follows:

1. Scale and massing of development
2. Lack of urban design in respect of the orientation of the units
3. Lack of development control policy that determines finishing materials for external walls and roofs, roof styles, and plot size to development ratio
4. The development plots on the hillside do not appear to have been planned by an urban designer and as a result appears hap-hazard. Its possible that further development of the hillside is still to be finalised? Crazy as it sounds, further development may improve the appearance of the hilliside though only if undertaken in a more sympathetic manner.
5. Too many different building styles and no commonality between the designs.

There´s my thoughts for what they are worth!