Re: Re: What is wrong with this hillside?



Be careful what you wish for……

Whilst the picture seems to show a degree of non-uniformity, perhaps even haphazard planning,…. isn’t that part of what makes Spain appealing..? God forbid that they follow our example here in the UK……CDS / Murcia et al.
The thought of uniform rows of ‘lookalike’ buildings within this type of setting is horrendous.
It may not be perfect, ( and it’s difficult to know if this is part of a greater rural setting..? ) but it is what it is…..things like colour, designs etc are all in the eye of the beholder…some like it ,…some not. On one hand we critices the over development of CDS/Murcia etc, and then we look for faults in area’s like this….what do we really want..?

Whilst the administration systems of governance, legal processes etc, may benefit from tightening of control procedures, and a degree of consistancy, I personally wouldn’t want to lose the typically Spanish appeal of locations like this.