Re: Re: what is actually being done to get spain out of this mes


To the half & quater Spaniard’s. You should well know that Spaniards like to bury their heads in the sand & hope the problem goes away and if you contacts they do go away.

When selling a property in UK the debts needs to be cleared the difference is that in UK the debt is not transferable unlike Spain where it is attached to the property as a result many Brits had been caught out. I feel that the Notary should look into this before notarising. Apart from informing the party as to who they are by their passport etc & who is the buyer, price. He should inform the buyer that there is a debt attached to the property. This debt may reflect in the price that had been agreed between the buyer & seller.

There are so many loop holes only added by petty cost to feed the parasite civil servents that the system is open to abuse.

If Rajoy can think these civil servents can work in outside world of civil servents he must be on a another planet does noy understand his own people.