Re: Re: What if Spain copied France?



Melosine I think we agree generally and I wasn’t having a go at you, you’ve been fortunate at the airports 😉

The Primark thing was in fact posted by others on another site which I used as an example, however I agree with their comments about those shaven headed tattoed people from UK who abound in many of the Costas.

I have plenty of happy experiences and evidence of huge areas of Spain which is chav free and beautiful, seriously, I like the North East, around the Costa Brava mentioned earlier like Palafrugell, I have been to Santander a couple of times and driven through Northern Spain to La Corruna, then back across the plains through Los Picos and all very spectacular.

I will emphasise and most who’ve been on here for years similar to me, will know the gripe is with the mis-selling on the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol and those who still want to hype it up for newbies as ‘now is the time to buy’ when there’s so much uncertainty around. No we don’t hate Spain, just that ugly side of it and I’m pleased to hear you also help others 😉

The real Spain is still out there but the Costas have been overdeveloped and spoilt IMO 🙄 BTW I was the original poster which topic was all about what would happen if Spain copied France over this Holiday Home Tax hike 🙄