Re: Re: What if Spain copied France?



Well, I have never seen people as you, or a person on another forum, have described at Alicante or MJV airports but admit I have never been at either during the month of August.

Never fancied anywhere on the CDS because it was always my impression, rightly or wrongly, that it was overloaded with the criminal element and people you have so accurately described.

As for wearing clothes from Primark .. what is wrong with that for goodness sake !! Cheap ideal holiday wear in a hot climate because after a few washes they are ready for the bin.
If it is good enough for Kingston-Upon-Thames to have such a shop it is certainly good enough for me.

Some coastal areas have prostituted themselves to get a “certain” type of foreign clientèle and other areas to defraud gullible Joe public. Sometimes they have done both.
However Spain is an enormous country and there are plenty of areas where the more discerning of we Brits prefer to live or holiday.

Angie you are not alone in warning others. I am only too aware of the problems in the Almeria region and have distributed pamphlets at International airports, signed numerous petitions and, if it should arise, in conversations with fellow travellers will warn them to take due care et al.

I love Spain and I love Britain. Neither are faultless but within both countries, if one cares to diligently seek, there are good places to live.

What I wonder though has all this to do with the OP subject !!