Re: Re: What if Spain copied France?


There are many spanish trailer trash too. I watched the beach area go downhill where we lived in Elviria. It was a mainly Spanish area, probably 25% British, Irish, Germans and Norwegians. July and August was mainly Spanish from the North who owned property in the area. (Men from madrid have the smartest shorts 🙂 ) Around 2006 things started to change. There was a very expensive chiringuito but always full July/Aug. It was not so busy 2006, some days there would only be half dozen eating there. Instead, people started appearing with their Lidl carriers, giant bottles of coke, fat kids, fatter women and beer belly Dads…these were Spanish chavs. Yes there are plenty in the UK but not in the places I live or frequent. We virtually pulled up the drawbridge at that time of the year and stuck to the pool and garden.

I shudder to think what the neighbours would be like in an area with 30,000€ houses. I doubt most of them exist except in web-land, either just a plant to get people interested or a scam. Costa de la Luz seems to get a better type of visitor.