Re: Re: What if Spain copied France?


Picture this, a fact for sure!

Charter or no frills flight to Malaga, Alicante or Murcia. I can say with certainty that 90% will be the aforementioned British slapheads as they are known (shaven headed geezers) and their blingy wives. 😆 One time property boom Spain!

Agents’ British sales guys, spiky head wide boys (often Northern) and girls (in boom days) Early Spain was much nicer 😛

Charter or no frills to Nice, Perpignan or say Funchal (Madeira), 90%+ respectable middle to upper class British. 8) Normal property market! Same planes and airlines.

Agents’ French or British or Madeiran sales ‘personnel’ even in buoyant days.

There is a difference and it shows, although Pil Pil is very much liked by me 😉