Re: Re: What if Spain copied France?


Not sure why nursery costs would affect retirement plans ❓
But the point is the UK will be cutting sevices too – there is just too much debt coming into play from PFI

Last week, South London Healthcare Trust, which runs three hospitals in south-east London, was placed in administration by the health secretary as it struggled to meet the cost of its PFI obligations.
Dave Prentis, general secretary of the union Unison, said on Thursday night: “The NHS is just the start of the story.
“We’re sitting on a PFI debt time bomb, and the sheer scale of the burden paints a seriously grim picture for the future of our public services.”
PFI had left the UK with a “staggering mountain of debt,” Prentis said.

Anyway Katy, when a small flat where we currently live costs £200k, but I can get one in Spain for £30k, or when a beer or wine when we pop out costs £4 compared to £1 in Spain (ok so the measure is smaller but we don’t drink that fast anyway), plus a generally better climate, it all comes together. Of course we could find cheap places in the north of england, but my bh tells me she needs sun in summer! The one concern as I mentioned above is the healthcare issue, but that will soon be a big concern in the UK too. I know no-one who believes it will be in its current format in 5-10 years time. Too much money will be diverted to pay for the PFI idiocies from the previous govt.