Re: Re: What event caused Spanish house prices to crash in 2007



@garysfbcn wrote:

Spain is not such an attractive country to live in anymore. Spain used to be beautiful once before it prostituted itself to mass tourism and the holiday-home market all of which meant that Spain failed to diversify its medieval economy.

Well if it isn’t so attractive, why do you bother to post? Regardless, what is any country supposed to do with a sector of the economy that has explosive growth? Shut it down? I didn’t see the Germans, the Brits or anyone screaming that Spain needed to do something during the good times.

There is more economic diversity now in Spain than there was 15 years ago, before the real estate boom. Spain’s “medieval economy” was in decent shape (government debt anyway) on the eve the the global economic collapse.

I suggest that you confine your comments to something you actually know, such as the price of tinned pineapple.

Try not to pick up something nasty in those bathhouses in the Castro district of San Francisco, you know, where the funny people hang out. I have many reservations about women but I am still glad that I am straight.