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Chris M

@peterhun wrote:

Chris, I don’t know about other people, but I see the world as a great place now there is a crash. This is the ‘happy time’ for Bears, when there is easy pickings to be made on falling asset prices. Only a fool invests when prices rise, this is how it works. I missed my opportunity to buy at the bottom of the last crash and I won’t make the same mistake again.

There is always losers in any market and everybody is sell interested, your complaint is that actually, his self interest isn’t the same as your. Sorry about that.

I take your point, but I hope I am not complaining that his self interest isn’t the same as mine, if I gave that impression then that is my mistake, and would be a stupid one to make on my behalf in what was a perfectly reasonable discourse of opposing views.

I think Logan, and pretty much everyone on here makes some excellent points, sometimes I even think we are all saying the same thing, just in different ways, I actually think almost everyone on here has something really important to say.

I also hope that over the years – some almost five that I just realised I have been on here for – that I have agreed with much of the negativity also, but then Logan has said much that is also positive. It is a conundrum hey!

I might have a post later today or in the week about this Bear Market thing, and the time to buy though, you can’t beat a bit of up the market talking! But it would make more sense if I just stick to talking about what is in the market, what is happening and what is working, and hope that this is seen not so much as self interested, up the market talking, just a view from someone on the ground that is a counter balance. I think and hope that is fair, so long as it is truthful and straightforward, though heaven help me, I have forever struggled with keeping it brief!!