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Chris M

@katy wrote:

Daily Express running an “out of Europe” campaign. It’ll never happen, too many politicians on the gravy train.

And the Daily Express said:

But Britain is a land apart: a precious stone set in the silver sea, as Shakespeare so evocatively put it; a realm with a glorious island story stretching back a thousand years, with links to every continent and a language taken up throughout the world.

Oh… do me a favour! Jingoistic rubbish. What nobody else has a rich heritage and culture? Many nations go way back further than a thousand years.

We need to get over ourselves, the world is a much different place, and if Germany is having a fantastic growth rate – what was it announced yesterday 3.6% growth last year – to become a booming economy in these times, and doing so well out of the Euro, why aren’t we?

My vote says find a way to dump sterling and get into the euro, on great terms and get agitating for the changes that suit us and work for us, sovereignty is an overrated ideology in my view. What is wrong with The United States of Europe exactly? What is so great about UK PLC exactly?

And as for being a great trading nation…. hello, what do we trade these days, is it not the City of London that generates 25% of the national income, but they aint manufacturing or producing anything, except a potential for even bigger disasters and exposure.

Out of Europe my backside. Get further in, unless you really want to follow the ideology and mentality of UKIP, oh dear, the EU isn’t perfect, it has a long way to go, but really, being isolationist is not the answer. Having a say, forming alliances, developing the argument, that is the answer. Being central to the most effective trading area, wealth generator and best place to live out of the United States of America, the one day United States of Asia, and or Africa, is the way to look at it.

Or we got back to the barbarian, hostile, cold, edge of the world and good for nothing Britain as viewed only a thousand years ago by everyone. And will be there again a few short years ahead if we leave the EU.

And all of this rot that it was only because we had sterling that we were able to determine our own future, we could have, would have a stronger position than Germany – who don’t forget only a decade or so ago took in East Germany, had we got fully behind the EU and the Euro, we could and should have been the dominant economy, but so long as we are half in, half out we won’t know what we are about.

Half hearted endeavour never produced anything other than a half assed result.

It may interest you to know that a healthy number of Germans question the whole issue of Europe as well, but they get on with it, get over themselves and make a huge success out of it, and we have an equal the opportunity to do the same, but oh no, lets all fall that Firage fellow right over the cliff edge.