Re: Re: What commissions are Viva and other agents etc asking no


Chris M

@angie wrote:

Chris, what commission do Viva now apply to vendors asking prices, is it now transparent?

It would be good to know what other agents are now charging too!

VIVA’s commission is 5% on all direct clients is my understanding.

There are some unusual occasions when 7% could be asked if another agent were requesting 5% and VIVA were receiving 2% but that is kind of rare, and is entirely up to the Vendor to accept as a special circumstance or otherwise.

Other agents are charging very much the same in most honourable cases but there are people asking 10% on the CDS and some as I think someone pointed asking 15% Inland of the CDS and heaven help us, some still look to the disgraceful practice of offering a net price and taking the amount over and above as their commission.

Very few people are truly transparent which is crying shame, and I understand on the Blanca things can get up around the 15-20% which I have never, ever understood.

As I think I have explained elsewhere however, VIVA’s return is likely to be somewhere between 3.2 – 3.6% on average across all sales in the year this year. And if they make a profit this year, it will be by the skin of their teeth quite frankly.

But then the VIVA team that exists today, is in it for the long term, always have been, and hopefully always will be. Which is why you won’t find Action Groups, or even Individuals damning them across the Internet.