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@shakeel wrote:

A friend of mine bought an apartment in Marbella for €170,000 from Fadesa, The purchase was finalised last winters with a discount of around 30%. ( I understand due to Martinsa legal position they are not allowed to sell the properties lower or higher than a price fixed by the Courts )

A few weeks ago he was contacted by the Hacienda demanding another €25,000 being under paid tax. The valuation placed by the Hacienda is €353,000.

I know we have discussed this on the forum from all aspects. What is the forums current view on this ? Should he/Gestor have consulted the Hacienda before hand ? I doubt that Hacienda would have given anything in writing before my friend proceeded.

I think its scandalous, why should the Hacienda have the right to say what the correct valuation is, so do we ever hear of anyone getting tax back for over declaring-NO