Re: Re: VAT 10 % on new propertys?


So what is the goverment thinking is going to have a impact?

That’s the problem. While many expected PP to have a plan or at least good fiscal principles from which to work, the truth is that they have nothing. Investment in job-creating industries is what is needed. If there are more jobs, the housing market will improve.

For example, the State of California was battling Amazon over sales taxes andAmazon was about to lose in court. California’s executives instead struck a deal with Amazon: If Amazon builds a new facility in California, the taxes due will be canceled and Amazon can have an additional tax-free year of business. The facility is being built now and will be open next year. It will bring jobs to 1,000 people in a city that was hit especially hard by the economic downturn.

PP blames the unions, the backwards contracts and other issues. But the real problem is a lack of leadership.

As for Jake’s problems, again they do not belong in this forum. ‘Other Subjects’ is a better place for them.