Re: Re: VAT 10 % on new propertys?


I’ve long ago ceased to wonder at Spanish laws and their enforcement. They tend to make fancy laws with a fancy Royal decree and then promptly forget all about them for a few years. Then someone else resurrects them and they are passed to the functionarios for enforcement.

That’s when chaos always ensues. That’s why Spain has Gestors, to fight the daft bureaucracy that nobody understands.

But now they’re passing more daft laws and have at last sacked at least a quarter of their back room boys, those surly people in their various government offices, with more sackings on a daily basis.

They want to sell their empty houses, they have to, so they allow residency to all and sundry who come to buy those godforsaken places on unfinished urbanisations. And at the same time they expect those foreigners with their newly acquired rights of residency to declare their financial affairs back in their own countries.

It can’t work, even the dimmest Russian or Chinaman will not want to disclose his financial affairs back in his own country to the Spanish authorities.

It seems to me that Spain, Greece and the others dotted around the Mediterranean cannot get their own people to pay their taxes and now want foreigners to pay them for them. Those foreigners, the Brits, the Germans, the Dutch, the Danes and the others won’t fall for it, not any more.