Re: Re: VAT 10 % on new propertys?


I’ve spent some time trying to digest the latest Spanish anti-fraud laws, and as a resident they will affect me. The need to declare foreign (non-Spanish) bank accounts and assets like property valued over 50K, along with other financial interests abroad will affect most expats who have retained a UK property and UK interests.

I intend to comply with the law, of course I do, but will take as much advice as I can from my Spanish Gestor. He is pretty relaxed about all the changes at this stage and doesn’t volunteer to go to the front of the queue when dealing with Hacienda and all the others.

And with Catalunya and other things to worry about the new boys in Madrid may take some time in getting things into place, I mean they’re giving the recent ‘bad’ bank 15 years to work and that sort of time span seems pretty average for Spain.

If it gets too onerous, a lot of us might start packing in a few years time and my Spanish neighbours wouldn’t care if a family of Russians moved into my house.

Nor would I.