Re: Re: Valle Romano


Hi Shakeel, I personally don’t feel that the location is too bad. I am not too sure how long it takes to drive to the apartments from the complex entrance but once you are on the main coastal road it literally is 5 minutes in Estepona. Plus the nearest beach (a little cove cant remember the name) is lovely.

I know most people only ever seem interested in Marbella on this forum but I think Estepona town is a nice town to be near to. Its also seems to be increasing in popularity with tourists. Its also not too far from Gibralter airport which means you have the choice of the two airports. There are a few 4 and 5 star hotels along that stretch of the coast. Also, there are some very nice restaurants on the Casares Road which is about 10 minutes away, along with Finca Cortesin Golf Complex and hotel which is very nice. I believe Finca Cortesin have also recently opened up a beach club along the coast.

The coast is also not as built up so doesn’t look as awful as the Malaga end. You can get to Banus, Marbella within half an hour and is a short drive to Tarifa. You will definitely need a car but this seems to be the case with most developments along the coast unless you are right in a town.

I know when the complex was originally marketed, it was meant to be similiar to La Manga with, as you said, football teams training there etc. I doubt they will build half the things they originally promised, but for 80k as long as all the apartments, golf course and club get built then I don’t personally see how they can go much lower. It would be interesting to see if the additional facilities such as the spa, hotel shops etc ever get built? Are they still tied in with the football clubs or has that died a death?