Re: Re: US property thread



I didn’t realise that the average commission in the US is 6pc (3pc to listing agent, 3pc to buyer’s agent). 5pc in Spain seems reasonable in comparison (but still expensive compared to 2-3pc in the UK).

First, I believe that fees based upon a percent of the sale price is a ridiculous model and a rip-off.

Comparing agents in the US to those in Spain is impossible. While in Barcelona I have encountered a few agents who seem knowledgeable, so many others have been unprofessional, cancelling appointments, etc that they are not worth anything at all.

Worse, there appears to be a ‘retail model’ emerging: Larger real estate firms have created ‘templates’ for agents who are very young and recent immigrants to work from. I’m sure that the commissions go the the firm with centimos on the euro going to these young agents. I’ve encountered this in Barcelona about 5 times now, especially with one firm with a name that begins with a “T”.