Re: Re: US property thread



Got to wax lyrical about Naples katy, sorry to bore others. We used to stay in an unpretentious little hotel near 3rd and 5th, short stroll to beach, great value, very friendly staff, it’s now gone for redevelopment. Apparently some of the tanned fishermen on the pier could be locals from the old country Italy and elsewhere, and you could also be rubbing shoulders with the CEO of General Motors and other billionaires also fishing there in their vests and shorts, everyone looked the same rich or poor, they were all happy and brown. Mind you, the wealthy ones did own huge houses along the beach, one we knew was sold for 20 million dollars and that was 10 years ago or so.

There was a lovely shopping area called Venetian Bay we’d go to with water all around. We seriously looked at a 5 bed detached house with pool on Marco Island which was brand new and 260k dollars.

Very laid back lifestyle, clean, great weather, I wish 8)