Re: Re: UKIP


Personally I do not like Mr Farage very much. He has a German wife and says that if you have had a ‘German wife in the kitchen’ – I say no more . Nor do I like Jose Manuel Baroso and unelected bureaucrats in Brussels telling us we cannot chuck out Asian fanatics who should not be in our country -so the mainstream parties have much to account for ! Granny tax Katy is the freezing of pensioners personal tax allowances in UK. We have also ceasing uprating of second state pension linked to the amount you have paid from 2016 which is rather unfair to existing pensioners who have paid in . But seriously Kate the EHIC does give access to the Spanish health services. Very recently I extended my return to 30th April by 3 weeks and I needed medication for Asthma and was seen at the local Consultorio where I got my prescription for Serotide for 4 euro instead of 46. (European Health Insurance Card) . True English people have lived in Spain a long time. However before 1986 there was no CGT. In 2007 Spain was forced to reduce the CGT rate from 35% to 19% to other European Union non residents. This rate is now 21% but in the case of a UK exit could go back up. Not that in present times quite so many will have any capital gain .Iknow a lady whose husband recently in hospital had wonderful treatment as pensioner paid by the NHS with a translator in attendance and no hurry to leave !! Will such cover still be available if or if not we retain European Economic Area staus ?